Customer care

Our Customer Service group guarantees our clients treatment in line with the principles contained in the "Passengers' Bill Of Rights" as regards information and assistance. It manages the information flow between the various operators and the Flight Information office, the Call Centres and the company's Internet site. Is makes sure that every report made by a customer is verified and that adequate corrective actions are taken if necessary. It takes care of relations with the clients on a case by case basis, by gathering information, clarifying and investigating current regulations;
The Customer Service group manages the flow of information to the client through the following services:

E-MAIL INFO LINE: supplies any requested information to our customers (transport, logistics, airport services, flight info, etc.)
CLAIMS MANAGEMENT: ensures that any report or compliant from the clients is verified and that corrective action is taken. The Customer Service group can be contacted by writing to SO.A.CO S.P.A. Customer Service, Aeroporto di Comiso Pio La Torre, 97013 COMISO or by sending an email to the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

European Community Legislation Currently in Force

Regulation (CE) n. 261/04 European Parliament and European Council, dated 11 February 2004 establishes common regulations regarding the system of compensation and assistance provided to passengers when boarding is denied, when flights are cancelled or for long delays

Regulation (CE) n. 889/2002 regarding the responsibilities of airline companies

Regulation (CEE) n. 323 European Council, dated 8 February 1999 that modifies Regulation (CEE) n. 2299/89 regarding the code of behaviour for matters that concern computerised reservation systems. (CRS)

Directive 90/314/CEE European Council, dated 13 June 1990 concerning travel, holidays and “all-inclusive” deals".



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