Before Travelling

SO.A.CO. indicate a list of suggestions for travellers departing from Comiso airport to attend what is indicated in the following list:

  • Check that your passport /Id card is valid. Bring with you also a photocopy of document.
  • Remember flight tickets and, if necessary, to print your boarding card.
  • In some foreign countries, it is necessary to have international driving permission. Check your document.
  • Take note in a jotter, to take with you, medical information concerning you (Rh, inoculations, prescriptions, etc.).
  • For payments abroad it is often useful, have your credit card. Copy telephone numbers useful for a possible card lock. Leave, however, with sufficient cash in Euro or foreign currency.
  • It is always useful bring with you a mobile phone. Do not forget the charger and the adapters for sockets.
  • They will be useful touristic guides and maps/roads map.
  • Do not forget medicines.


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