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Less than 20km from Ragusa; just over thirty from Modica and Scicli. 70km from Noto and about 100km from Catania. The Pio la Torre Comiso airport is the airport of the Hyblean area. When landing here, you will find yourself in the middle of a corner of unparalleled beauty: the Noto Valley, the pearl of the late Baroque style, which for four centuries has uniquely characterised the South-East of Sicily.
Comiso, to put it simply, is a small door that opens out to a great wonderment.
With breath-taking landscapes and views; with artistic-architectural heritage of world-wide merit ( in 2002 becoming listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site); with generous countryside that, embroidered by dry-stone walls, gently slopes down to an uncontaminated sea; with cultural hotspots and popular traditions that can make their mark the soul; with products and first fruits that make the food and wine on offer unique; with a more authentic way of experiencing time and space, and being part of a community.


You will feel the pulse of the Mediterranean, as soon as you land in the heart of the Hyblean area. Where beauty – natural and architectural – is a free and continuous succession of nature, art and culture. A fertile and strategic region, the south-east of Sicily has been dominated, inhabited and crossed by all the great civilisations of the past, such as the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, to name but a few. And the traces of their presence, found not only as in the language, can still be experienced visually, interspersed with the late baroque style works that made the Noto Valley a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A unique background that has integrated perfectly with the natural habitat of the area and its communities, creating a unique mix of art, rituals, beliefs, faiths and religious festivals… a heritage that fills the heart with the intangible touch of wonder.


To say “welcome” in the Hyblean area also means “Enjoy your meal!” This is another way to visit and satisfy one’s curiosity. Here you can find the highest levels of culinary expression that, in recent years, have transformed the Hyblean territory into a real food valley. And not only for the large number of restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs, but above all for the especially rich offering of wineries, farms and olive oil producers able to offer a rich and exciting food and wine experience. In tune with the cultural richness, the encountering of cuisine, with the traditional agricultural products, with wine and the recipes of the century-old Hyblean gastronomic tradition, this Food valley offers delicious opportunities to deepen the particularities, memories, uses and the history of a strip of land with generous scents, tastes and beauty.


To live the Hyblean area is to allow body and spirit to open up to a new, slower, breath – and guarantees a range of emotions that can only be given by an authentic relationship with nature. Whether on foot, on horseback, by bicycle or by boat – it’s just for you to decide how.. It will then be this corner in the south-east of the Island that comes to meet you: allowing you enter its thousand-year old canyons and archaeological sites; letting you walk on the dunes of its open beaches; inebriating you with colourful vineyards and gardens, among citrus, olive and carob groves; helping you to build a sustainable feeling with the territory; surprising you with the blue flags of its enchanting coastline.
There is only one condition: that you go slowly, so as to become intimate with the territory and its people. Or simply so as not to miss the infinite beauty of a green experience.


And a few years before Unesco’s recognition, a police commissioner was appointed to introduce the Hyblean area to the travellers of the 21st century: Salvo Montalbano, created by the literary genius of Andrea Camilleri, who entered the homes of millions of Italians (and Europeans) with the Rai 1 TV series. And so: the baroque style, arancini, historic buildings, the blue sea, the streets of Vigata and Montelusa… have found a way to amaze thousands of tourists. Tourists who, after landing in Comiso, follow in the footsteps of their (and our) beloved Montalbano-Zingaretti: the seafront of Donnalucata, the police station in the town hall of Scicli, the beach in front of his house in Punta Secca, the police headquarters in Ragusa Ibla, San Giorgio in Modica, the ancient country farms and the Sampieri furnace (the Mànnara of the fiction), the castle of Donnafugata… Authentically beautiful places making them unique even in the realms of fantasy.