Air travel in the time of Covid-19: all the rules

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced airports, airlines, and passengers to adopt a whole series of precautions to limit the risk of contagion.

Therefore, it is still necessary, in order to travel in safety, to implement certain precautions both in the airport terminal building and on board the plane

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Let’s sum up then the new procedures. All passengers are asked to respect these rules so that you travel safely, and respect yourselves and others.

Access to the terminal building is permitted 3 hours before scheduled departing time and is limited to the following categories:

  • passengers with ticket/boarding pass;
  • passengers who have valid reason to go to “Lost and Found” or to collect lost baggage or an object that was missing in transit;
  • Caregivers of reduced mobility passengers or minors travelling alone;
  • crews;
  • Airport Operators with a valid ID Badge;
  • Car Rental customers;
  • AVIH

This is because airports are required to make all people present inside the terminal building keep an interpersonal distance of 1 metre between them.

Departing passengers must wear a face mask (a surgical mask or certified one is better as most airlines will not allow you to fly if you’re wearing a cloth one or something similar) for the whole time they are inside the terminal building. Access to the terminal is allowed after a body temperature testing.

Passengers arriving will also have their temperatures taken in the Arrivals halls.

Inside the airport you will follow mandatory routes designed to keep the flow of passengers departing or arriving separate, and there are plexiglass screens to protect both passengers and airport staff, and floor signs: please follow and respect the airport staff’s indications.

Always wear your face mask correctly, covering your nose and mouth and always observe interpersonal distance at any time, both when queuing to check in (we recommend you check in online if you can, especially if you only have hand baggage) or during boarding at the Gate.

You will find hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the airport.

All areas in the Terminal building are constantly sanitised.

Luggage trolleys and equipment used to transport passengers with reduced mobility are sanitised.


According to Legislative Decree No. 52 of 22/04/2022 the free movement of passengers between WHITE and YELLOW regions is allowed without a self-certification form.

Instead, if moving in ORANGE or RED zones, the following rules apply:

If you are travelling for work or health reasons, out of necessity, or to reach your address of residence, domicile, or home, you have to complete a self-certification form (the border Police at Catania requires this in duplicate), which you can find HERE and hand it in to the Police stationed before the security checkpoints.

If you are travelling for other reasons (including tourism) you must have a “Green Certification”: click HERE for further information.

We’d like to remind you that in compliance with the DPCM (Ministerial Decree) of 11 June 2020, airlines require passengers to declare – before boarding – that they have not been in contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19 in the last two days, before the onset of symptoms, and up to 14 days after the onset of said symptoms.

Here you can find the ENAC self-certification form, which we advise you to print off at home and bring with you, to make boarding procedures quicker.


We also advise – given that the situation is constantly evolving – all passengers departing for destinations abroad to find out at if there are any restrictions, bans, swab test requirements or quarantine established by the governments of the countries they’re going to, and to arrive at least two hours before their flight is due to depart.